Saturday, May 31, 2008

Amy was tagged (her 1st one!) & she tagged here goes!

3 joys: Family (Ryan & the kids), Friends, my freetime.
3 fears: Losing someone I love, mini animals (hamsters, gerbils,etc.), being an awful mom.
3 goals: To really excercise daily, be a good wife & mother, find out what I want to be when I grow-up!!
3 current obsessions/collections: Dr. Pepper, blogging, & Facebook.
3 random surprising facts about yourself: My 3rd toe is longer than my 2nd. I believe in love at 1st sight. I've never been downhill skiing.
Tag 3 people: Jenni, Kathryn, & Dani

Summer BBQ time!!

I love BBQ's, and last night we had one with Ryan's friends from high school (they are also my friends, but just not from high school). The Ivie's (without Colton he was at scout camp), Bird's (without Heather she was at a trade show), Kellem's (without 3 of the 4 kids they were with their mom), the Adams (without Dani, Tanner was too sick to come), & the Henry's who all came!! We had lots of food & fun. I'm sure this is the first of many BBQ's with them. The Poduskas better come soon because the Adams are having one at their house in a few weeks!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Orange Popsicles Days & Chlorine Mornings!

Summer has begun at it's already in full force! I haven't even had time to blog. The kids are so excited and I am too. All I know it that at 8:36am we had just all woken up except the baby who slowly woke-up after that. I love summer and sleeping in!! We've already gone through 3/4 a box of Otter pops and 3 1/2 bags of popsicles (there's only orange left of course) all since last week. But who cares, it's summer it even smells different at night I LOVE IT!!! On a different subject I need to share my love of thanks to my friend Sarah for telling me about it. I have reconnected with some friends from my earlier days, and it over joys me in how fun it is to see where we all of ended up in our lives. And my favorite moment is that Emily (from OHS Swim Team) invited me to do swim workouts here in SF. I'm have been longing for those early morning swim workouts, the sweet smell of chlorine, the quite when you first dive into the pool and then continued moments of just thinking while you pound out lap after lap. I'm so excited!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Pergola is done!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Plasma Car Jumping!

For all the parents out there, this was one of the best Christmas gifts we've ever bought. Plasma Cars!!! They are loved by all of our neighborhood. They are great exercise, and their pretty tough. Coleman and his friends love to jump them!!

Memorial Day Blahs!

I am usually a fan of holidays, this one left a lot to be desired. I blamed it on SAD ( Seasonal Affected Disorder) which I don't truly have! This is the longest winter I can remember , and it really still feels like winter, not even spring. Anyhow we had grand plans to finish a lot of our yard, weed, plant flowers, etc. We ended up only weeding a little and going to Carl's Jr. No BBQ's either because it was too cold. Here's the photo of me being the best mom ever!!

1- Jaxsyn fell down the stairs and bruised her head. 2 & 3 Coleman & Ashlynn eating a whole slice of watermelon. Coleman said "Your the best mom ever, for letting us eat a whole slice by ourselves! 4- Samantha watching Jon & Kate plus 8 marathon, she's not a TV kid but she watched that show all day long (okay really like 4 hours), she paused for dinner. Usually I would care, but I didn't because it's a good show, and it was freezing outside.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Family, Bleach, & T- Shirts!!

We had dinner and made our family reunion t-shirts today!! We bought regular shirts and bleached a pattern into them with rubberbands and tape. It worked well & was fun, except for the few who got bleach on their clothes!! (Sorry, Tiff & Jason) We always have fun when we get together. Now hopefully it warms up some so Cherryhill will be fun in a few weeks!!

Fishlake 2008!

We went to Fishlake this weekend, my family has had a cabin there since my dad was a little boy. They built a new cabin when he was 14 years old, so 34 years ago, remodled it when I was 16. So it's a lot old aand a little new. It's fun to go there, the kids love it. This year has been so cold that the spring leaves haven't even come out yet. So it looks different then usual. The kids took a hike and saw the beavers at the dam. We saw lots of deer and rabbits, and a bird flew right into our car windsheild as we were driving down. Thankfully it didn't break the windshield. My mom & dad, grandma, Tammy, & Bailey came down on Saturday. Some of our friends Wade & Megan and their kids were staying in a cabin by the lake so we met up with them for a few hours! We ate and watched a lot of movies, they kids & Ryan went fishing for about 20 minutes until the kids said it was too cold.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hallelujah!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!

Ryan & I are done with all of the graduation, performances, & recitals for the school year.
Only Hawaiian Day, 1st grade garage Sale, 2 Field Days, 1 Read-a-thon, 2 autograph books & finally school will be out!!!!
So that we can attend or host 2 dozen BBQ's, Strawberry Days, Summerfest, Spanish Fork Days, 6 Birthdays (Sam, Ashlynn, Chelsi (30!), Coleman, Jaxsyn & Ryan In Sept.), 2 Family Reunions, 2 Baptisms (Bailey & Kyle) Summer Dance, Summer Reading, Summer Cooking classes, Swim lessons, 1 Bow Hunt, 1 Ward Camp out, & 1 Stadium of Fire!!!!!
I Love Summer!!!!! This actually sounds like fun!!!

Wizard of Oz Dance Recital!!

The girls had their dance recital tonight!! It was really fun & they looked like they were having fun too!! Photo 1- Wizard of Oz program 2- Ashlynn during the rehersal 3- Ashlynn & Summer in Twister 4- Ashes being our perfect poser & 1- Samantha & Ashley's hari (I'm bragging I'm just proud of my hair skills!! hee hee) 2- Sam in If I oly had a Heart 3- Sam looking to old 4- Sam not loving the hug I had asked them to do, Ashlynn being the "perfect" picture taker!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ashlynn's 1st Grade Talent Show!!

Ashlynn & Summer decided to be in the talent show. They did a part of their recital dance. They were cute! Sorry the photo's a little crazy the zoom isn't great on my camera!

Coleman's Gymnastic Program

Coleman's last day of gymnastics was today, so they did their routines for the parents to watch & record. He's a great gymnast but I just picked one to show & a few pics. He pitches a fit everyday that we have gymnastics, and today loved it because he got a trophy. He said if he just got to do the routines for people he would like gymnastics, we'll see if we let him try team gymnastics next year.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Coleman Graduated from Preschool!

Coleman was so excited to graduate from preschool, and finally move on to Kindergarten. I know we made the right choice in not putting him in Kindergarten last year, but it has been a long year. Coleman started the year telling me I already know my letters & shapes. But we made it through the year. I think it will give him a head start with school next year!!!

Cole's Favorite song from Preschool Graduation!

I thought this is so funny, you can her me snickering in the background. He asked me to record this song, it was his favorite, so you can see him looking at the camera! It's exactly 1min, 30 Sec. long. Sorry it's turned the wrong way.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer Day's are here again, Finally!!

This afternoon the kids & I went to my mom's and let the kids have a little fun. Tammy & Bailey came after they bought her baptism dress. We let them slide for a few hours & then Tammy & I went to get Cafe Rio for all of us for dinner!!! Jaxsyn had her own pool because the slide is a little big for her. The kids each took a turn taking her down the slide. The video is her telling me she's swimming!!

A Few Busy Days!!

Wow, I haven't posted since Wednesday evening! We've been busy: Ryan has worked, watched 2 Jazz games, been turkey hunting, planted a 1/2 a dozen bushes, mowed the lawns,stayed home with kids one day. Chelsi has been to PTA convention, planted a few dozen flowers, Bunko, had lunch with friends, driven to 3 birthday parties, 3 nurseries (flowers), went shopping 3 times, 4 hour- PTA planning meeting, and hung out with my mom & Tammy. It has been busy. The kids have been busy also!!
While we were busy our Pergola has move forward a little bit and it is 2/3's of the way done.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anita Stansfield Enrichment Meeting!

Tonight in our ward Anita Stansfield spoke and Patti Jenkins sang. Anita was asked to write Emma's story. The way she spoke of Emma, as if she was her best friend was inspiring. She asked us all to look past the prejudices we might have of Emma, and look to what a great, and strong woman she was. I personally have never had a prejudice to Emma, I've always felt such compassion for her and a longing to be more strong, and faithful when she was tried with so much. The book sounds amazing and I feel I will enjoy the book even more after hearing her speak. One of the many spiritual moments was, when she said that she knew that before she came down to earth she felt she was pre-ordained to write this history of Emma, and everything that has happened in her life was the pathway to this novel. Patti sang a song she wrote to go with the book and the movie, it to was amazing, you could feel she too considers Emma a true friend. Thanks mom for coming and going with me it's always great to get together.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Summer Chore Charts

Okay, I told some of my friends I would post this, chore charts. These are the cutest chart charts I have ever found. I really like the Messy style one. I think I'm going to go with the family auction route.

It's pretty much that for each chore your child does they get a ticket or fake dollar to use in an auction at the end of the month. "Stay up 30 minutes. past bedtime" "Extra 30 minutes playing" "Ice Cream Trip" etc. I'm always willing to try find a better way to get my kids chores. I'll let you know how it works.

Ambush is #1!

Samantha & her friend Ashley! Their shirts say "SF Soccer Champs"
Sam is not our best smiler, but we love her anyways!
Here in SF Utah after 3rd grade sports are not for fun they are for competition! Starting in 3rd grade you are drafted onto a team, some sports you have to tryout for also. Everyone makes it, but they kids do learn that everyone does not always win! Which is true in the world too! Anyhow, Sam's team Ambush won 1st place in the girls 3-4 grade level (against 7 other teams). Sam was a great goalie, surprising for her tiny size her first practice her coach called her the little-big goalie. She didn't love that until I explained to her that is was a compliment. Ashlynn's in 1st grade so she still played for fun!! She is a great defender, and a quick forward she almost got a goal a few times. Both girls played their hearts out, we missed a few games with our trips and family things but with 2-3 games a week per girl it's hard to make them all. Way to go girls!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day is not really my favorite holiday!! I love celebrating my mom, but when you go to church and hear all the talks from teenagers and husbands on how amazing all their moms are, and I start to feel a little inadequate. I truly hope that my kids will say the same about me when they are teenagers. But for some reason yesterday's Mother's Day was different. It started great with breakfast in bed. Eggo waffles (which I LOVE) & Dr. Pepper (which I love & adore) it made me feel like my family truly knew me & loved me The kids each had made me a present at school & Ryan & I had a deal NO GIFTS! I think the no gifts made the day even better. Ryan changed diapers, did dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, rubbed my feet & back and made me feel very appreciated. Here's a photo of breakfast, as you can tell the kids had just woken up too!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jazz Game Friday Night!!!!

Yeah!!!! The Jazz beat the Lakers last night. My brother bought tickets for the game so we bought 2 of them from him. We drove up with him & his date Desa. David Archuleta (spelled wrong I'm sure) sang the National Anthem so for all who love American Idol I recorded it for you!!!

A little bit of everything!

These are of the kids arm wrestling Ryan! The bottom two are 1st Coleman who fell asleep in a bed he made in his closet & 2nd Coleman going to PJ day at preschool & it shows the new steps too!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Yeah a back step!!

As some of you will know we have been living without back steps for 2 summers. We wanted to do them last year but instead we poured a ton of cement for a patio, and extra long driveway down the side. So finally we are having our steps & pergola built. We found the steps being built last night when we got home from a visit from my Uncle Robert & Aunt Lorrie and their kids Whitney, Kaitlyn, & Greggory (Brady if flying out today!). We met at my parents house and had pizza and salad. We see them about once a year they live in Omaha, Nebraska, they are here for a wedding. It's always great to visit with them, even though it's only a short visit this time.

Anyway, aren't my steps cute, they also started the pergola and worked until 11:00pm until someone from the Retirement Home behind us yelled it's bedtime out their window!!!!

My Future Photographers!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Yesterday we had some crazy rain .31 inches in 1 hour. The kids took the camera and took some pictures. They said on the weather that we've had 5 months of below normal temperatures. I'm hoping it gets warm soon. Or it might be a very cold summer! This is a video of the rain and Jaxsyn saying rain! This whole post might be boring, but the kids will love it!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sam at the Hershey Track Meet!

The school district put on a track meet for all 3rd graders. Next week its the 4th, 5th & 6th grades, on separate days. Sam did the Long Jump, 50 m & 200 m. She did great! this is her right after the 200 m as you can see a forced smile!

Sam's friends! (Tamsyn, Drew, Elizabeth, Natalie, Sam, & Sarah)

Drew, Sam, Elizabeth, Tamsyn, & Natalie with Hefa Leone Tuita. He was on High School Musical 2 & 3 and Dance on Sunset. Sam really didn't know who he was but one of the girls did so they were star struck!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Disneyland!

Here's few more picture of our trip lighten so you could see in the tunnels! And for all those wondering we are actually staying home for awhile!! I swear we have been gone since March & my house shows the pain of that!! This first picture is my mom right after the Grizzly Rapids ride in CA Adventure. My dad so kindly offered to stay with Jaxsyn and my mom went with us on the ride. Usually you don't get head to toe wet, but the gyser went off right as we were passing it so we were all drenched. My mom hate getting her hair ruined and she got the whole back of her hair wet. The nest two are us stuck on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Some kid stood up to get his sunglasses that had fallen, and the sensor shut's down the whole ride and has to be reset. We were going up the last big drop off! The video is after when we were walking through the ride on pathways and through special hidden doors! The final picture is us at the airport the kids were wiped out so they laid there watching a video.

Monday, May 5, 2008

We're back from our Disneyland Vacation!!!
I was very nervous about this trip for many reasons!
1- 5 kids 8 & under 2-Jaxsyn 20 months 3- Lines
4- Crying 5- Fighting 6- Plane ride with kids
7-FAMILY VACATION (need I say More!)
I was pleasantly surprised!! The kids did great we could stay at the park for 5 hours without them breaking down (they had a snack every few hours!). Jaxsyn was awesome rarely cried and she had a fever one of the days! The lines were non-existent, for real I will always go the first week in May!!! The longest line was 25 minutes (Nemo) which during Spring Break was 4 hours long!! My kids loved the roller coasters (Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, California Screamin', & The Matterhorn.)! We did most of their favorites a few times or more!! We had an awesome time and the kids got to swim 2 hours a day at the pool, we left the park every afternoon for a break!! I would never go without other family members or a babysitter it would have been so hard!! Here's a few pictures, my mom was the picture taker this weekend so I have to get pictures from her!!

1- On our way to the Airport!
2- Bugs Life 3-D Theater

3- Kids eating HUGE pickles!
4- Waiting for Fantasmic!

Sam's teacher got married!!!

Last Wednesday Samantha's teacher got maarried. Sam has been loved being a part of the planning of her wedding (she knows ever detail)! Ms. Tyson had all the girls in her class be the busers for the reception. She ordered all of them wrist corsages to wear. This picture is when the girls first walked in and she stopped the line to hug them it was cute moment! Here's a few more photos of the reception!