Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jaxsyn Kate is 2!

Jaxsyn I can not believe you are two! I wish everyday that you will stop growing up! Here is another long story (we don't have non-dramatic birth's)!
After having 3 kids in 3 years we were done! We did not want to do the NICU thing again and we had our hands full. So we decided to make the idea permanent, the night after I called the doctor I had a dream that I had a child missing, everyone kept asking what the child looked like but I couldn't tell anyone what it looked like. In the dream every time I looked around my 3 kids were sitting right there in a row and I kept saying "one is missing". So I canceled the consultation, and we decided to wait a couple of years. A year later we called, but the surgery would cost us too much at the time. The next year Ryan said "call and make the appointment we are done", I didn't call. A month later I knew for sure we were not done, and there was one more. I told Ryan and he said "Nope we are done". So instead of pressing the issue I decided that when it was time he would know also. A few months later he told his brother "unless an angel comes down and says you have to have one more child, I am done". Low and behold we went to the temple that week to pray about if we should continue the move to Spanish Fork, and (no an angel did not come down!), but Ryan just kept feeling ask about a baby so he did and instantly he knew we had one more! On the way out of the temple he said well here's the 2 answers I received, yes we should move to Spanish Fork & we are supposed to have another baby. I said "I know, I've known for months!"
So after moving into our home Nov 25, 2005 we decided to start trying, on January 9,2006 the pregnancy test was positive!!! I knew within a week it was a girl (I started puking, and puking, puking!) I was really sick and I'll I could keep down was Dr.Pepper & Skittles! I finally started feeling better in May. For 2 months it was great I wasn't to big and was so excited to have another baby girl (we found out in May!) We loved the name Jackson Karl for a boy and the middle name Kate for a girl. The name Jackson felt so right I was worried it might be a boy, and we would have to have another. But it was a girl and the name Jaxsyn Kate stuck (Ryan really gave me no choice, he loved it!!!)
At 32 weeks I went in to my ultrasound to check the baby & measure my fluid. The longer the tech took the more I knew there wasn't much fluid. I asked "Your looking for fluid,right" She looked shocked and I said "I've done this before, how much have you found?" This means nothing to most of you but she could only find up to a 4 (they measure the pockets of fluid). I was shocked that was really low, I delivered Sam at a 4, but only four weeks early. So the doctor came in and put me on bed rest. I had to go to the hospital and get steroid shots. Then I went to the doctor or hospital every 3 days to monitor the baby and have an ultrasound (about 2-3 hours each time!)
After 5 weeks of that, Jaxsyn was born 3 weeks early.
Jaxsyn Kate Crockett was born on August 30th, 2006 at 7:25 am weighing 6lbs. 15oz. she had a head of curly brown hair! She has been a mommy's girl since birth, her heart would race every time they took her away from me, so I told them I would just keep her. She laid with me when they took her vitals, because she would freak out every time they took her away.
We (all 5 of us) are truly so attached to her, she has been a huge blessing to our family. We talk all of the time how something would be missing in out family if we would have never had her. She is a breathe of fresh air to me and I have enjoyed every moment of her life. Jaxsyn is a hoot, she loves babies, nursery, both sets of grandparents, her mommy & daddy, and brother and sisters. She is truly just a joy!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Okay, thanks Lacie another tag!

This is a hard one! Rules: At the end of the list see if you were tagged; then go take pictures of the same places as I took, right then NO cheating! No cleaning, no picking up, or straightening. Hey I didn't as you will see in the photos!
1- Kitchen Sink- No too bad, could be worse.
2-Laundry Room-15 minutes earlier I unloaded the laundry shoot for laundry day!
3-The fridge-Okay that never get's better, it's usually a mess!
4-My Bathroom- See I'm not a horrible slob.
5- My Closet- Too small for the both of us!
6- Favorite Shoes- For the summer Cros are the only way to go!
7-Favorite place in the house: Family Room
8-What my kids are doing: The older 3 are at school, Jaxsyn watching Nemo eating peaches!
9-Self Portrait: No Make-up at 8:45 sorry it's scary I know

Last but not Least:
10- Dream Vacation:
Those who know me, know I am sick of traveling! So a weekend with nothing to do but veg in my family room sounds awesome!

I tag: Jenni M., Adrienne L., Kathryn S., Sarah H, Shelly P. (your Saratoga home please, please, please!!!! Then we will all feel better!), & Mary Jean C. (then we can see you cool new diggs!) No Cheating!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coleman a soccer CHAMP & Ryan is injured!

Coleman started Kindergarten soccer last night, now I cried today for Kindergarten but Ryan nearly cried last night watching him play his first sport!!! He was really good, he scored 4 of the 6 goals and was the blocker the rest of the time. He could kick the ball pretty far and the other team only got 1 goal. Ryan's favorite part was the coaches telling him "your son's awesome", and "how long has he played?" And them telling him okay go in and make us come goals! Seriously Ryan cry's when our children are born, and I guess when they make their first goal!!
Ryan started flag football last night and hurt his leg, we think it's just bruised from a guy bashing into his knee so hopefully we can walk today! He looked really hurt last night. I think that this is definitely your last year hunny!

Back 2 School!

Everyone is in school, I had adorable photos but I lost my camera. So until I find it no pictures! Okay I found the camera (a week later!). Samantha is in 4th grade, Ashlynn is in 2nd, and Coleman is in Kindergarten. He just started today, the girls started a week ago. I dropped him off and only cried a couple tears, it's sad how you want them to start school and yet you still cry when they go.

1- Sam & her friends Drew & Ashley

2-Ashlynn & her friend Summmer

3-Coleman & his friend Tyler

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fishlake Trip!

We went with the Brower family down to the cabin! The first night the 2 little ones were hyper, and making crazy face. That night about 1 am we heard someone throwing up, it was Coleman. So Ryan took him downstairs to sleep then he threw-up again at 3:30 am. A little later it was Boston throwing up and suddenly we thought it might not end with them. But no one else got sick, the boys had 2 friends also throw-up the day before. The next day we had our rafting adventure. The kids then just walked through the river and got wet since we all were already! It was a fun trip!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Coleman's BYU Birthday!

Coleman has been talking about this party since the day after his pirate party last year! Hopefully it turned out okay! I showed him a photo of a cake and in the morning he had to fix it and put the players on how he thought they should be. The boys played flag football, and a few other games. It was fun and a great day to have a party!

Our Engagement!

Ryan and I got engaged on August 18th, 1997. The day before Ryan's aunt had said she wan't to come visit me at work and I ssaid oh that's okay I'll just see you that night. And she said no I have to meet you before my nephew proposes, so I knew it would be that day August 19th. I told Ryan what she said and then he decided to change it and surprise me. He callled his friend Brad and said there's money on the bed I need the Bed of Roses soundtrack and a dozen Fire & Ice roses and one red rose. Take it up to your cabin and I will get her there. So that night after he got off the phone with his friend he came to my parents house for dinner. I was just finishing getting ready and I said "I'm just putting a ponytail in my hair, we aren't doing anything tonight" he begged me to do my hair so I did. When dinner was done he said Brad just called and he needed our help at his cabin, I was mad I really just wanted to do nothing that night. So I reluctantly got in the car and up the canyon we went. When we got there I saw his friends car, which also made me mad because we were supposed to be helping bring the benches down from the cabin. So we start walking in and the lights are of and I hear our song "Independent Love Song" was playing. I got scared and didn't really want to walk out there. When got almost there and we see his friend run past us saying "crap" he was supposed to be gone. There were candles and rose (Minuet roses) with the ring tied to the red one. Ryan asked me to be the mother of his children and marry him. I can't remember exactly and I said yes then he was shaking so bad he dropped the ring. It landed on a slat and didn't fall into the weeds below. we kissed and had some sparkling cider and went home to tell our parents.

How many hours does it take...

... for a 6-year old boy to break a pair of glasses! 48 hours!!! We've already ordered the 2nd pair. Thankfully there is a 90 day full replacement guarantee! Here's our handsome boy, even though he hate's them!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Coleman's 6!!!!

Our big surprise Coleman has been a blessing since he was born. Here is his story (long story!), which we have told many times because it was such a miracle, but now it is written for posterity. We found out we were pregnant on New Year's Day, our baby Ashlynn was 6 months old! SURPRISED was an under statment. Thankfully I had agreat pregnancy and was not sick at all. I even had plenty of fluid! On August 16th I was almost 36 weeks pregnant, Ryan was helping my dad pack-up for the bow hunt, I was upstairs with my mom and I said "I feel like this baby is coming today, and he's not ready." I thought nothing of it until 2 minutes later were all heading down the stairs, I was carrying Ashlynn and my mom said "Let me hold her the last thing you need is to carry her down the stairs." Three stairs later I fell from the landing down 4 stairs landing at the bottom. I didn't hit the baby just my hands & knees, I thought I was fine. We went home and I laid down to rest, then Ryan's mom came to hel seal our wood floor. I left to get lunch for the kids, I wasn't aloud in the house (fumes), while driving I prayed to ask if I should call the doctor. The answer was "YES". I continued to think I was fine and overreacting and decided not to call. There has been only a few times in my life where the Spirit has actually yelled at me, this was one of those times, CALL THE DOCTOR kept coming through my head. When I returned home I did just that, they told me to come right down. I went to the office and they said with your blood type (0-) you have to have a test done at the hospital. I picked up Ryan who happened to have the day off and left the kids with his mom who also happened to have the day off.
I had the test done and it came out fine and the nurse said "We have to have the doctor check this and you will be on your way.". About 10 minutes later she came back and said "The doctor will be coming to talk to you, but he want's to keep you over night." She couldn't even tell us why, but the doctor came in and said "Coleman's heart beat is completly stopping every 10-15 seconds, so I want to keep you on a monitor for awhile to see if it's just stress." Wow we were surprized during this time frame my mom called my dad's new truck had broken down this morning on his way to Fishlake so she was on her way home form picking him up, he was going to get a loner truck tomorrow and continue on his way for the hunt.
The next morning the nurse came in and said "The doctor will be in anytime, I'm sure you are going home the baby is looking great." My mom called to say my dad was back on the road, and I said I should be home in the afternoon. 3Hours later I was pissed still in the hospital, wanting to go home. The doctor comes in and says we need to do an amniocintesis if it says the baby's ready we are taking him out, he's heart is still not doing great. If he's not ready I will be staying in the hospital for the week because he thinks my baby may die if I go home. Ryan & I were tough and then the doctor left and we cried, scared that we would lose our first son. I called my mom and told her the update, she preceded to tell me that my dad's loner truck had broken down within sight of the other broken down truck, and she was heading to pick him up and bring him home. She said she would be back in cell service in a few hours call her with the update.
After the amnio the doctor came in and said "he's right on the fence you two need to decided if we have the baby or wait", a decision you think would be very hard but after he doctor walked out we said a prayer and the answer was a huge "TODAY". We told the doctor and he scheduled it for 11:00 pm. that night. I called my mom and told her the news, and she said they were close so they would come to the hospital when they got into Orem.
My dad was saying "Coleman just really wanted him to be there so he broke down 2 trucks to get him home."

On August 17th, 2002 at 11:17 pm Coleman Ryan Crockett came into the world, 7lbs. 6 ozs. he was huge for a month early, the attending doctor said you guys got the due date wrong he's right on time. And then we got the answer of why his heart was having problems. The cord was around his neck causing his heart to stop beating whenever he moved around, he would have died before my next doctor's appointment. I truly tell my kids that my guardian angel my Grandpa Hirst pushed me down the stairs, so Coleman would make it here.
Coleman's dramatic story does not end there, he was not ready to come and had to be put on ventilator and life flighted (by ambulance) to a bigger hospital. But he powered through it all and only stayed in the NICU for 5 days and then he came home.
Coleman is our rare illness guy, if we take this kid to the doctor with a problem it's usually one they remembered it being mentioned in medical school, and they have to look it up in text book. But he is a joy in our life. If you must have only one boy Coleman's the one to have he loves all sports and is good at most of them, he can play outside forever, and is just all boy. He learned to ride a bike at 3 1/2 years old. He is great and we love him!

Friday, August 15, 2008

July Kids Pictures!

Every July my mom takes the grandkids for pictures, here's how cute they turned out!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coleman & Jaxsyn's Family Party!

If you haven't guessed all 6 people in our family have summer birthdays. Two in June, 3 in August & 1 in September. So it is party central, we celebrated Coleman & Jaxsyn's early (deer & antelope hunts always interfere!). Jaxsyn was funny because she kept saying "ooohhh" "ooohhh" with every gift! It was great! Coleman got a huge set of Lego's and also a biker dude. Jaxsyn got mostly baby stuff!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ryan's Cousin SURPRISE Party!

Megan, Ryan's cousin turned 25 this week, so her mom (Anne) made a mini reunion and came to Utah see everyone and celebrate. Anne through a surprise party, which Christy & Robby provided the house , I did the games, and Christy made the cake and I helped her. So on Friday night we got there and it was really fun. We played "fishing with your feet" where you catch fish in a pool of bubbles, then had the adults play the frozen tee shirt race. That was fun and crazy I think we would play this again. After the kids had a wet sponge fight. We ended up inside because there was a billion mosquito's. Sam ended up with 21 bites!! I hope Megan had a good party, and it was great seeing Anne & David. Leif & a different Christy were there from CA so it was fun to see them also!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chelsi's 30!!!!

Ryan was the best husband ever and invites a few close family & friends (150) to come to a party at Jumpin Jacks for my 30th birthday! Her rented the whole place out from 7-9pm so everyone's kids would have plenty to do! It was amazing and so much fun! He planned every detail the invites, the cake, the food, the location and purchasing everything! I felt so loved and grateful to have been blessed with just a great group of people to be my friends! Christy my sister-in-law made the cake and must say WOW wasn't it awesome!! Thanks Ryan for making this the best birthday I have ever had, I love you so much!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn Party!

Okay I know I should have posted this forever ago, but I was reading and now I'm DONE!!! I liked it! Some of it dragged a little but all in all a good book. Well a few ladies (15 or so) went to a party at Borders! We even made tee-shirts, mine said "imprinted team jacob"!. The girl dressed as Emily (Amy in our group!) even won the costume contest!! We went to Macaroni Grill for a late dinner then headed over to the bookstore our #'s were 351 so we waited until 1:15am to get our books! On the drive home the car ride got crazy from a few girls (to remain nameless, okay Jen & Melissa) screaming out the windows that Breaking dawn was here!! Okay we may sound crazy, but we actually aren't die hards, just girls who like to have fun!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Christy & I were able to go to the BYU Women's Football Clinic! It was so fun you get to eat, take a tour or the locker room & press box. Then the coaches & players talk to you and answer questions. Then we went on the field to do some drills, and then watch a movie while laying on the field. Then after you do a women's break (we go into a circle and say "women")! We were like kids in a candy store all giggly and excited. We were truly so pleased that we were making our husbands proud! We plan on doing this every year!

Coach Mendenhall- He was laughing because Christy had said "Our father-in-law will be so proud! I jokingly said "We are in the will for sure!" He said after "I hope you get a lot of money!"