Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

We are still here!!! 2009 was a great year full of many blessings, and highlights. Here is a few we would love to share!
Jaxsyn (3) started preschool, and dance this year. Coleman (7) is in 1st grade and plays soccer & wrestles. Ashlynn (8) is in 3rd grade and dances, dances, & dances. And she was baptized in July! Samantha (10) is in 5th grade and is in gymnastics & basketball. We are running like crazy in the evenings from 5-7:30 and then luckily we can sit down and eat dinner together. I am getting the swing of things with working a little each week. And Ryan is working at Blendtec and doing an amazing job!
We been so blessed this year with some wonderful trips to visit some fun places. We went to the Dominican Republic to see Ryan's Mom & Dad (they came home in July!). We also went on a cruise with Ryan's entire family (25 people!). Wow we were a big bunch! And then I got to go on a girl's trip to NYC right after Thanksgiving, with my Mom & 2 sister-in-laws.
We wanted to take a moment to say Merry Christmas to all we love and we hope you have a magical New Year!!!

Love you all,
The Crockett's

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chelsi is a working girl!!

I started working in July for Utah Valley Magazine! I do ad sales for them, I only work about 15 hours a week. I work on Mondays and when Jaxsyn is in preschool. It is crazy fun and I am loving it. We also do the Utah Valley Womens Expo & Utah Valley Home Expo. So I get to meet a lot of new people every week. So that is the reason for the lack of posting! I am slowly get a grip of life so I am hoping to get better at posting!

HaLlOwEeN 2009!

If there are people still reading this well here it is a post!!!

Halloween was fun this year Ryan & I were Captian America & Captain America's daughter! Sam was a pirate, Ashlynn a witch, Coleman a skull biker, and Jaxsyn was Belle. This picture was taken at the Crockett Family Halloween Party. What occurred at this party needed to be written for posterity. Ryan dad is an amazing story teller, his Davy Crockett story is legendary, anyways Rob & Christy asked him to tell the story of Sleepy Hallow at the Halloween party. Let me set the scene spooky trees on the wall, lights out, fog machine going, and spooky music playing. Then Rod began telling the story of the Headless Horseman!!! The story was nearing the end and all of the sudden the CD player started the sounds of a horse galloping. My nephew started yelling "turn it off"! Then Rod yelled "look" and pointed to the window, and there stood the Headless Horseman on a horse with a pumpkin in his hand! The kids started running, screaming, crying, & hiding. The parents started laughing, crying (from the scene we where watching, and laughing so more. The Horseman left and we calmed them all down and then he came back and it started again! Rob & Christy had a neighbor with a horse come to scare us all. After, we took the kids out to see the horse and neighbor so they wouldn't be to spooked but it was one of the funnest memories of Halloween ever!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dominican Republic

The majority of our Dominican Republic (DR) trip we spent out time in the city of Santiago.
So we really got to see the DR. Here are a few of our photos!This is a classroom for the street boys (homeless boys).

This is a neighborhood of 3 LDS families we visited!

The Fiesta! This is the traditional clothing at CARNIVAL.

All of us at the resort!

They all piled into 1 truck to drive home, from church!

This is the Branch Pres. Home. It took 7 years to build. This is actually a larger home.

Rod & Kathy's classroom!

The Fiesta the Institute planned for us!

Rod & Kathy's Apartment 4th floor window is theirs!

Our tropical Getaway!

For 2 1/2 days of our vacation to the Dominican Republic we stayed in a resort!
This was fun and relaxing!
A hike to a waterfall we had to cross 3 bridge's
Dinner in the clouds! This is a nice restuarant up in the mountians that overlooks the country!
Right after this picture the clouds rolled in and you couldn't see anything, but was so cool!
A gorgeous river we stopped to look at!
Sosoua Beach!! This where we snorkeled & Ryan scuba dived!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Coleman's T-Ball

Coleman's team is the White Sox, and after figuring out that not everyone plays so hard core he has really had fun! He is loves to bat first so if he gets a home run it's just his home run! He really is pretty good at hitting and has gotten a few home runs! I think he will love REAL baseball (as he calls it) next year!

Sam's Summer Camp!

Sam and her best friend Drew had a summer camp of kids!! They charged $2 per kids per hour! They planned the entire thing!!! Clay making, coloring, finger painting, snacks, games, and a relay race! They were so cute, the whole 1/2 half I just sat and watched. They each made $7 for that hour and they are so excited to do it next week!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Strawberry Days Rodeo

The rodeo this year was so fun!! The kids were all great & actually were enjoying the rodeo! We had the whole big family!! My Mom, Dad & Great Grandma Hirst; Ryan, I & our 4 kids; Shaun , Tammy & Bailey; Nate, Ashley & Preslee. Ashley's Family & Chantelle my cousin we always go to Starwberry Days with her! Ashlynn sat with her all night and learned a ton about rodeo's!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

This is photo will always be one of my favorites! Look how cute the men in my life are? Ryan is a wonderful husband & we spend a lot of our days laughing together! He is truly my best friend, and when I saw him across the room and starting falling in love with him I could have never imagined how blessed I should have felt that day. He is such a great dad! He is there for them always, at their sport events, at their dance stuff, and taking them to BYU football games.

He honors his priesthood and shows Coleman how to grow to be a good man. He also shows our girls what they should look for in a husband! Thank You Ryan!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I have been neglecting this blog I need to get caught up before summer gets crazy!! So I promise I will be better! here are 2 back posts!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Crazy egg hunters!

We put money in the eggs!!! Just kidding this was all for candy!! So funny!!

The Little Ladies slowly finding their loot!

Sam spinning Preslee!

The picture we could get of our kids on Easter!!! It was SOOOOO bright, and we had 3 min. to get to church.

Easter Morning

Yes, Jaxsyn looks like that every morning and usually every night by 4 pm.
Coleman showing his basket not his face!! This was the best of 3 pics!!

Samantha with her long hair & looking buff!
Ashlynn perfectly posed!! As usual!!

Yep they are adorable kids!! Look at them all clean, ready to get all dirty coloring eggs!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crockett Easter egg hunt!

After Conference we had the Crockett Easter Egg Hunt! the kids are so cute running looking for eggs!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend!

We watched Conference with Ryan's family at Jason & Tiffany's house! We played Bingo did word searches & had breakfast!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sam's County Project!

Sam did almost all of this project herself, we were so proud of her! The 4th grade had a county parade. I LOVE the 4th Grade!!! They get to learn so much fun & interesting stuff!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brower's stay over!

The lack of posts is due to having a few more children at my house for a few days! Mike & Jen went to Mexico so we returned the favor of watching their kids (they watched ours when we went to Florida). So for Wed, Thurs, & Friday we had their kids! Then on Friday-Saturday we had my brother's dog & both of my parent's dogs! Then on Sunday-Monday Boston, Aubrie & Tyson came to stay until their mom & dad got home. WOW!!
The kids did great, Tyson got sick & so did Jaxsyn so they were on the grouchy side. I did not get any pictures which I am sad over!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ashlynn's Dance

I took a short video of Ashlynn's Dance performance. This is her 2nd competition and she team got 2nd place on both of their dances! She loves dance so much, which makes it fun to take her & watch!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Laundry Soap!!! Crazy cheap & Works!

I stole this from my friend Lacie's blog...

Homemade Laundry Soap! $1.81!!!
Don't think I'm crazy but I thought I would make my own laundry soap:) I got the idea from Paige's blog...THANKS!!

Ingredients...I bar Fels-Naptha, 1 Cup Washing Soda, 1/2 Cup Borax and Water!
Fill your bucket 1/2 full of HOT water.
Grate you bar of soap and dissolve in 4 cups of water on medium low heat.
Pour melted soap, and other 2 ingredients into bucket!
Fill to top with HOT water and mix. Time to cover and let it sit over night!
Stir well in the morning.
It makes 10 gal. so fill jug half full of soap and half of water and shake. Mixed with water ready to use! Shake before each use.
It does 160 loads using 1 cup per load. I calculated this out to be ONLY $1.81 for 10 gal. or 160 loads (Top Loader)(640 loads Front Loader use 1/4 cup)I have washed 1 load so far and it worked great!
I borrowed some of Lacie's soap and it worked awesome. It got out salsa from Jaxsyn's white polo, and a shade shirt that looked dingy from laundry soap looked almost new, & a shade tee that had an old salsa stain that had been washed & dried twice came out in a cinch. I was sold so I made my own today!! I might even try the homemade dryer sheets.

Sam's Black eye!

Sam is trying to make her eye look more swollen then it was because she thinks it is cool.
This morning I was curling sam's hair for church and she said I am hungry. I said what did you eat for breakfast? Nothing. I say, Well dad is cooking lunch right now let's finish your hair and then you can eat. ( It was only 10:30m)
Mom, I think I'm going to throw up...(she leans forward into the sink to throw-up). I am not worried she has a very sensitive stomach and any amount of stress or lack of food make's her throw-up. She all of the sudden she passes out!! I catch her and scream for Ryan (her hair is in the curling iron still!) I get out the curling iron and get her to the floor where she wakes up only a few seconds later (okay I was mildly freaking out!). We get her a drink and sit her up and notice her eye swollen & black. She hit it on the facet when she passed out!!! She recovered after throwing-up and drinking some soda and getting a little food.
She is very proud of her black eye none the less.

Coleman's Tooth Hallelujah!

Yea, Coleman finally lost his top tooth!!! We thought we would have to get it pulled. He pulled it out during church!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Petite's #1

Ashlynn's first dance competition was on Saturday it was a long day that started at 6:30am with hair & make-up to drive to Timpview for her performance. The two pictures are of her right before (stressing) going on to perform. The trophy in the middle is the Company trophy which is engraved with all the catergories they won. Ashlynn got a little trophy as well.

This is her friend Sadie showing their #1!! Ashlynn's Petitie's team won 1st place in both categories they danced in. And won best costume (out of 91 costumes!!) the one with the green flower in her hair!!