Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lost camera cord!

Here shortly I will find my camera cord, and so there will be real posts! m But until then I will tell you I have lost 6.5 lbs in two weeks! I am so excited, this is the longest I have ever dieted so I am totally proud of myself!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Biggest Loser, Starts today!

I just joined a Biggest Loser group!! Tonight I had to weigh in front of 5 other people. I did it!! Now the work begins!! What did I get myself into! But this picture is some of my motivation! Wow I look chubby!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The kids snow day!!

The mountain in the middle of the culdesac! The neighbor rented a tracter and made a big hill pile in the center for the kids to play on! They loved it and played on it for hours and hours!!

Snow day!!! It was so fun for the kids to have school canceled. I had watched it snow and snow and snow the night before. While I wrapped and wrapped, and wrapped Christmas presents. I woke up wondering if they would cancel school and even thought I am going to let my kids stay home and play for awhile before I send them to school. But then they canceled school!! Yay! It was a really fun day, I had hot chocolate going all day and during lunch I put their snow clothes in the drier so they could go back out again! Really fun day!

A little update about all of us!

Ryan- Last April he switched companies from Blendtec to Traegar Pellet Grills. He has the exact same job but for a different company! He is building Traegar's Costco program just like he did for Blendtec. Since this company is based in Oregon he was working from home for about 7 months until the opened there sales office here. It was soooo much fun to have him home, I still miss him going to work everyday (cheesy I know but I was about 1000 times better than I thought it would to have him home!)! He is so busy that his travel as really been cut down which has been a nice break.

Chelsi- I am happily unemployed! I quit working in January which was a very long and hard decision, but I really wanted to focus my time on Jaxsyn's last year at home and also taking care of myself (losing weight!!), planning trips and just making lists I want to accomplish. I am loving that ages of my kids right now they all seem to be in a good place.

Samantha-11 Has done a lot of growing up this year. She has made some amazing choices this year that has just shown me what a strong woman she will become. She is doing awesome in school and has found a love of soccer. She is a very good helper and is terrified of the basement!

Ashlynn-9 Is getting to the age where I think my kids should just stay put! She is a very smart girl and when she stops socializing (don't know where she got this from) she learns quickly! She is a very talented dancer and wants to try her hand at soccer this spring. She is boy crazy and seems to like a messy room (don't know where she learned that either!

Coleman-8 He is a charmer still. He can't help it, it is a gift. He is a quiet leader and an example to others. Is a inventor and builds new things and has big ideas all the time (wow, that reminds me of Ryan!) He is a very good athlete soccer, wrestling and in the fall football are his favorite sports to play. He has is very quick witted, and can't walk by a single piece of trash he doesn't want to bring home and make something out of it!

Jaxsyn-4 The princess still. We had a rough time for a bit teaching her that she is not in charge of the family and after about 6 weeks of tantrums, timeouts and lost privileges she learned who the bosses really are and has been a good girl since! She is a cute little dancer and loses to place house with all the boys in the neighborhood. She likes to play with the boys because they let her boss them around. She loves to tell us that we are the best mom and dad in the whole wide world and the neighborhood. She is a little cutie and a night owl who I am sure will be life of the party once we let her stay up past 8:30!

I am still looking for that camera cord! But when I do I will update you all!