Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PTA Recipe Boards!

Last night some girls from the teacher appreciation committee came and we painted 70 recipes boards. It went really fast, and I'm thankful that 5 girls came so we could get done in less than and 2 hours!! Aren't they cute!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

27 dresses!

Yea, 27 dresses came out today! I bought it while shopping at Walmart!!! I've not seen it but i'm so excited to see it! By the way p.s. I Love You comes out on May 6th!! That's a good one!! We've been so busy this week I haven't taken any pictures to blog. We did all the yard work this weekend and then went out with so old friends Kirk & Danielle. We have not gone to dinner with them since Ryan & I were dating crazy huh!! Ryan & Kirk have gone out a handful of times in the 11 years, but Danielle & I have not gone. I ran into her blog!! We've had crazy amounts of soccer and teacher appreciation week stuff. I can't believe the kids will be out of school in 4 weeks wow crazy!!!!! Summer may actually be coming!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Grandpa & Grandma Brenner (bener as Jaxsyn says!)

My Grandpa & Grandma Brenner came up from Arizona this weekend, for my Aunt Tami's BYU graduation. So we went up to my parents to visit them and have a Bar-be-que to celebrate. My children are lucky to have a lot of grandparents. Here some of the 8 they have! We had fun last night! It's always great to get together.
1& 2 Grandpa & Grandma Brenner
3&4 Grandpa & Grandpa Hirst
Jaxsyn with Grandma Great

Friday, April 25, 2008

That quiz describes me to a tee!

What ever Sweet, Seductive, luscious really Chelsi! This quiz has never seen me in my ponytail (5 of the 7 days of the week) hold one that's sweet. Not showered until 1:30 pm because I've cleaning all morning and being a mom (plus a little blogging), now that seductive. I do where mascara (luscious lashes) everyday that's where the luscious part comes in. Never mind that does describe me perfectly!! Hee Hee

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Soccer!

The girls started spring soccer a few weeks ago! They play games on the same day, so it can be a busy evening. Samantha loves playing forward, and doesn't love playing goalie. Ashlynn is like all the girls that age, for some reason the ball is like a magnet and no matter what position you are playing you run to the ball! They are pretty fun to watch!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Twilight Fans!

All you Twilight fans out there go to:

These are clips of the movie and the actors.
Thanks to Lacie for posting this on her site also, all my other friends will thank you!

Bee's Playing for Satan's Team & Robber's in the House!

Coleman got stung by a bee, so he came inside running. I already knew something was wrong, as a mom there's a really hurt cry and a I think I'm hurt cry. So I heard him start screaming and I started out to find him. He came and started yelling "I got stung by a bee"! So I mixed up baking soda and water to put on his hand to take the sting out! As you can see he was still mad, even though it didn't hurt anymore. He told me "I wasn't even being mean to the bee, I landed on it when I jumped off the tramp" I said "Bee's don't know better they get scared and sting you." He said "Bee's are on Satan's Team!" I Said "No, they're not." he said "Yes, they are they hurt people for no reason!" I couldn't help but laugh!

I left next door to play Bunko, Ryan was gone last night so I left Sam in charge and the monitor on so I could hear everything. So suddenly Sam calls my cell phone and says there's robbers in the house and we're not going back in we're on the front porch! So I step outside and there they are all sitting on the front step. They said they heard a door close and people talking. I went inside and heard the 2-way radio with people talking. I had turned it on earlier to see if the batteries were dead, I thought I had turned it off! Someone had gotten on the same frequency and were having a conversation! So I told Samantha she did the right thing, if you hear robbers go outside and call mom! So none the less I did not make it back Bunko I just stayed home with them. I was just helping out a friend it's not even my Bunko group, but I still felt bad!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ashlynn our toothless girl!!

We are hoping Ashlynn will still be able to eat!! She is missing one tooth on top and one on bottom. And another on the bottom is half-way in! Sadly the tooth fairy had so many kids loose teeth last night, that she ran out of money. But since Ashlynn is a special girl who would understand, the tooth fairy told Ashlynn's dad that she will stop by tonight!!! Translation: Mom & Dad forgot!!! By the way she has a cold sore on her lips (bottom & top) from the sun & wind at Moab!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bean Jar Rewards!

For a reward system for our kids they each got a jar. Everyday they started the day with 25 beans, and if they didn't do what was expected of them they lost beans. When they filled their bean jar they got their reward. Samantha wanted a date with mom & dad! She got a date with mom we had dinner at PF Chaings and we went shopping for swimsuits for everyone! Ashlynn wanted a pedicure! Coleman wanted a pocket knife (scary I know). Jaxsyn didn't get anything, but is looking cute wearing one of the girls old nightgowns, it's a little big but she's been asking to wear it for weeks! As I type this I realize my kids think they are older then they are! All of them, even the baby! By the way this reward system is a lot of work everyday, I think I need to think of another type of system. I always just guess how many beans they lost that day!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our Family In Moab 2008!

We took a lot of photos, I just couldn't help it, it was just so pretty. These are the ones of our family! Sand Dune arch was on of the kids favorites only .2 miles round trip! They got to climb on the arch and play in the sand. That day we also hiked landscape arch (photo below) Day 2 we hiked Delicate Arch 3 mile roundtrip!!! The kids waked by themselves and I carried Jaxsyn on my back (she wouldn't climb with Ryan!). Day 3 we checked out Dead Horse Point and Upheaval Dome, and Mesa Arch! The Picture of the cliff is of Mesa Arch, Awesome huh!

This Picture is of Upheaval Dome!

We ACTUALLY had 4 more feet behind us even though it looks like we are right on the edge!

Delicate Arch Video!

Pause the music!! The wind was crazy!

The kids are crying & screaming that

they don't want to each lunch up here!

The Group of 21!!

We were a big group!
Ryan & Chelsi 6- Samantha, Ashlynn, Coleman, Jaxsyn.
Drew & MaryJean 5- Darrick, Nathan, Rylie
Gabe & Heather 6- Irelynn, Jaidyn, Adney, Noelle
Steve & Becky 6- Drew, Tyler, Wyatt, Ava

Here we are scaring the locals going out to eat. Our Cabins. Coleman pretending to fall off the mountain (his idea)!

They kids did great and didn't even hate us after we yelled 2 trillion times, slow down & get away from that edge!

Thanks guys for a great time!

Utah at it's BEST!

Here's some of the gorgeous pictures of Moab that we got!! We are so lucky to live 3 hours from this! Someone from Holland was at Mesa Arch and he said Utah is the most beautiful state he has ever visited!
2-Landscape Arch
4-Sandune Arch entrance
5-Delicate Arch
6-Dead Horse Point
7/8/9-Mesa Arch (a must in Canyonlands!)

Some fun pic's of kids in Moab!



Jaxsyn Kate

Coleman @ BYU Blue & White

Ryan & Coleman went to the Blue & White game on Saturday while I was in Dallas. I must admit I got lucky when I married Ryan, he's such a great dad! He suggested this knowing I would be gone, but he really wanted to take him. So my parents (which are also great!) watched the girls! They had an awesome time, I hope I can figure out the video thing and I will post Coleman making some catches!! Go BYU!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hi, I'm in Texas!!!

Howdy, ya'll I'm here in the Great State of Texas! By the way I hope it's warm there because it is here!! Yea!!! I got here yesterday and have been having loads of fun going to the stockyards, I rode a bull. Eating, shopping, eating, & shopping some more! Fun, Fun, Fun! We are making cards tonight so we will be up late again! Last night we stayed up until 1:30 looking up blogs on! We realized 90% of bloggers must be LDS because all the random blogs were of LDS people we didn't know!! We would search a last name of someone we knew and even though we never found most of their blogs, we found a lot of LDS families! Funny huh! Ryan & the kids have had a great weekend, even without me there! The girls went and saw "ANNIE" at Kingsbury Hall with my mom!! Ryan & Coleman had a great time going and meeting the BYU players scrimmage and sign autographs for the kids!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

April Snow Showers!

Here we are April 9th and it's snowing! See my tulips & daffodils! This winter just won't quit! As Ryan says "yeah, we definitely are in global warming!", he's not a big believer!

Jaxsyn eating with 2 spoons!

At Bunco we were talking about our kids eating with spoons & forks. This is one of Jaxsyn's favorite food's, cold cereal. I gave it to her at 3:30 pm yesterday because she was screaming! She had to use play spoon and a real spoon. But as you can see it made her happy!

The Kids Easter Picture!

I'll add a few more later, but isn't this one cute!
The one on their tummies was the last pose we did after a dozen others!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


1. Scera Pool Lifeguard & swim teacher
2. Dental Hygiene Assistant
3. The Closet (now Maurices)
4. Schlotzskys
1.Pretty Woman
2. Sleeping With The Enemy
3. Wedding Planner
4. How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days
1. Logan
2. Orem
3.Provo (Alta Apartments 4 months)
4. Spanish Fork
1. Kathy (mother-in-law)
2. Ryan
3. My Blog
4. Pta People
1. Thanksgiving Dinner
2. Sour Cream Enchiladas
3. Roast Beef Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
4. Dr. Pepper (hey that's a food right)
1. Shopping
2. The Beach
3. Camping
4. Family Cabin
1. Summer family vacations (Disneyland, Cherryhill, Cabin, Camping& anything else we plan)
2. My kids birthdays
3. My 30th Birthday!!
4. Finishing more of my Backyard
1. Mary Jean
2. Melissa
3. Christy
4. Sarah

Bunco Last Night!

Jen, Rochelle, Jenn, Sherry, Tara, Corinne, Becky, Lacie,
Noelle, Chelsi(me), Melissa, & Jen
I know most of my friends have this picture on their blog to, but this is still the only thing I did last night! We had the infamous Meg come and do toe nail painting instead of playing Bunco. It was fun and we all ended up having cute nails!! By the way that's 3 Jen's but we actually have 2 more Jen's in our neighborhood. I had my toes painted chocolate brown with pink little flowers.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ashlynn lost her tooth!

Ashlynn lost another tooth!! That make's 8!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sustaining a Prophet!

I was so excited today to sustain a new Prophet! I have never done this before. We had the kids watch and sustain Prophet Thomas S. Monson also, Ryan with the Elder's Quorum, I with the Relief Society, and all the kids together at the end!! I hope my kids will remember this (they probably won't), but I will! It was neat to see the youth in the audience stand and sustain him I can't imagine what an experience that was for them! I hope you all enjoyed conference this weekend!

6 things you might not know about me! (tag your all it!)

1. I only eat red & purple skittles! I sometimes eat the yellow, but I eat them first to save the best for last.
2. If it gets late at night and I start laughing, I snort.
3. I almost always leave the last bite of a sandwich, hot dog, or hamburger on my plate.
4. I talk in my sleep a lot. I once yelled "walk", when I was dreaming that someone was running on the deck when I was a lifeguard. Also when I do something different or exciting I re-live it again over and over in my sleep. I went to Prom 5 times (in my pj's) after I had gone the night before!
5. I love pickles, when Ryan worked at Mc Grath's he would bring home a take home box full of pickle spears and ranch dressing.
6. During each pregnancy my taste buds changed so in high school I like Dr. Pepper, after Sam: Pepsi, after Ashlynn: Dr. Pepper, after Coleman: Pepsi, after Jaxsyn: Dr. Pepper.

As you can see I love food!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Jaxsyn got tubes in her ears!! Yea!

I know Yea, seems mean! But we have been dealing with fluid on her ears and infections for a year know almost every month. She was happy while we were waiting and had her "pretty" on her ankle, but then screamed when they took her. She can back 15 minute later screaming as well, and screamed for 1 1/2 hours (45 mintutes a the top of her lungs). The last picture is just a crouchy face, because she did not look that managable after the surgery. After a 2 1/2 hour nap she was awesome, happier then ever! So Yea, is right!!!
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Ryan & Coleman @ Jazz Game!

Ryan & Coleman got to go to a Jazz game on Monday Night! Coleman said "It was freaking awesome, Mom!" They had a fun time, and Ryan being the Great husband he is took the camera to take some pictures! The Jazz Bear came a sprayed Coleman with silly string! And Coleman loved to hits those blow-up sticks together so the other team would miss their shot. Jazz was winning and Ryan told Coleman, that they could go at anytime if he was bored, and Coleman said "Are they going to shot out that string stuff "confetti"?"
Ryan said "Yes". Coleman answered "Then we are staying until the end!".
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day Dinner!

This was our dinner tonight! Cupcakes, Ice cream & sticky buns. Really meatloaf cupcake, pink mashed Potatoes, mashed cauliflower(ice cream), rolls & gravy. They kids were shocked. I also put the Jell-o in the juice pitcher so Ryan pretended to spill it on Coleman. It was a fun day!!