Friday, February 11, 2011

The Perfect Christmas Outfit Picture!!

This picture is a perfect example of how each child is in a picture.
Samantha- She has her eyes closed! We always have to take twice as many photos if she is in them. She can't help but blink or look away EVERYTIME we take her picture.
Jaxsyn- A poser (usually sassy) she always is ready to pose for a photo! And even has the head tilt down.
Coleman- He is always wishing that he didn't have to take pictures. And he is squinting, he has never liked it when it is bright.
Ashlynn- She has always been very photogenic, thankfully! She seems to know exactly how she looks her best! She has been like this since she was 2!


Ruth said...

Great pictures of a great family. Love you all!!!!!!!!